Monday, July 4, 2011

Red Potato Bliss!

I love potatoes and butter and salt.  Simply put those there are carb bliss.  Here is a recipe you will use as a side dish (or even a main) for the rest of your life!  It is too easy and delicious so please do me this one favor and make this dish!  Mint and potatoes are actually a great combo, but if you want to substitute another herb, you can do almost anything!

Makes 1 potato (double, triple recipe as needed)


Medium red potato (about the size of a baseball)
1/2 tablespoon real butter (Farmer's Market if possible!)
1 heaping spoonful sour cream or creme fraiche
5 mint leaves chopped or torn

1. Pierce potato several times with a fork.
2. Put in the microwave and cook about 6 minutes for one potato (add 2 more minutes per each extra potato.)
3. Potato is done when you squeeze it and it feels perfectly soft
4. Remove from the microwave and cut open
5. Put butter, sour cream, mint, salt and pepper on the potato and serve!

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