Saturday, July 30, 2011

Easy Carrot Ginger Soup

It doesn't get more simple than this.  Fresh carrots, onions, ginger and broth.  I ate this for lunch with a nice crisp salad and a sprinkle of feta cheese but you could easily serve this as a first course at a dinner party.  It is perfect for all seasons, especially while the carrots are fresh at the farmer's market!


Ginger (size of your thumb)
1 small white onion finely chopped
1 garlic clove crushed
2 lbs chopped carrots
1 quart of vegetable stock

1. Peel ginger and finely chop
2. Heat soup pot over medium high heat on the stove.  When hot add olive oil and add ginger, onion and garlic
3. Saute for two minutes and then add carrots and stir to coat
4. Stir almost constantly for 4-5 minutes
5. Add broth to cover the veggies and let cook 25 minutes until carrots are very tender
6. This soup is best if blended with an immersion blender so when you remove it from the heat, blend being careful not to let hot soup splatter
7. Serve immediately or let cool and save for a later occasion!

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