Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Pesto Two Ways

I'm obsessed with this winter pesto I just made.  I've had it twice now and I am still salivating over the flavor.  The first time is tossed it with a pound of japanese turnips and a few diced potatoes and roasted it for 45 minutes.  The second time I tossed it with day old bread and made it into croutons to put on squash soup.  If I had any left over pesto I would put it on a pizza for sure!  Peppercress is a nice peppery green but if you don't have it then go ahead add another handful of arugula.


2 handfuls arugula
1 handful peppercress
2 oz parmesan cheese (cut from a block of hard parmesan)
4 cloves garlic
4 tablespoons olive oil
salt to taste

1. Combine all ingredients and combine until smooth.  Add more olive oil if necessary.  Since you are using a chunk of parm it will give a nice hints of cheese in the pesto when you grind it in.  They will be smaller than pea size but melt perfectly!
2. Serve in any manner you would use pesto.  If you decide to save it, put in an airtight container and cover with a thin layer of olive oil until you plan to use it.

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